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id-go Release Notes
Feedback or issues may be reported via the id-go support system.

Release date: 8/2/22

The following functionality is now available in the id-go Production environment.

User Experience Updates

Applications: id-go Agent, id-go Admin

Impact: There is now a new version of id-go Agent that restricts access to IP address ranges whitelisted by each relying party. The URL for each relying party for this new version will change, adding a “2” after “agent” to the existing URL as follows:<relying party identifier>


The existing URLs, e.g.,<relying party identifier> will continue to work from non-whitelisted IP addresses, but access to use these URLs is now controlled by a "Non-Whitelisted Access" role for each user from the id-go Admin application. The default for existing users and when setting up new users is to have “Non-Whitelisted Access" allowed, thus this setting will need to be unchecked in id-go Admin per user to disable access for each user to non-whitelisted IPs.


Applications: id-go Agent & id-go Admin

Impact: A new version of the desktop id-go Agent and Admin widgets and MSI installers for each relying party. Features include:

 - F4 key allows a user to switch between whitelisted and non-whitelisted sites.

 - F5 key refreshes the current window

 - F12 key pops up the developer tools window for research diagnostics.

 - This version includes the latest version of the chromium browser.

It is recommended relying parties install this new version for all users.


Application: id-go user accounts

Impact: id-go user accounts will now see via the user interface when their account is in “account recovery” mode. Relying parties now have the choice to enable id-go accounts that are in account recovery mode to have the relying party invitation revoked. Turning this on will require id-go users whose accounts are in account recovery mode to contact the relying party to receive a new invitation to use their id-go account.


Bug Fixes

A bug that caused id-go users to occasionally experience a “white screen” when using id-go has been fixed.


Release date: 6/20/22

The following functionality is now available in the id-go Prod environment.

User Experience Updates

Application: id-go Agent

Impact: User interface design changes affect how agents access specific features.

The id-go Agent user interface has been revised to improve the user experience as noted here.

Application: id-go enrollment process

Impact: The user interface design for taking a selfie during the enrollment process has been revised. The new user experience compared to the previous experience is noted here.


Application: id-go Agent

Impact: A feature has been added called "revoke" that enables agents with permissions to revoke a user’s ability to authenticate with that agent's relying party.

Application: id-go Admin

Impact: A permission setting has been added that controls whether a user account can view reports. If this is checked, the user can review reports, if not checked, they cannot review reports.

Other Enhancements

Updates have been made to the identity document scanning software to address issues that sometimes caused the application to go into "spin mode" when processing front and back images.


Bug Fixes


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