Frequently Asked Questions

Below are FAQs regarding id-go security and privacy.

Q: How secure is id-go?

A: The id-go service uses the FIDO      (Fast Identity Online) global standard authentication protocol that is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft and many other large enterprises. FIDO enables passwordless and multi-factor authentication that that does not rely on secret credentials and is a strong defense against account takeover attacks.


Q: Are biometrics used by id-go?

A: id-go uses device resident biometrics, such as Apple’s TouchID and FaceID and Google’s Fingerprint in the authentication process. No user biometrics are collected or stored by the id-go service; the biometrics never leave the end user’s device.


Q: What end user data does id-go collect and store?

A: id-go collects and stores each end user’s mobile phone number. Relying parties have the option to require collection of additional end user information that will be stored as long as there is a business need.


Q: Does Cozera sell end user data collected by the id-go service?

A: No, Cozera does not sell end user data collected by the id-go service to any other organization.


Q: What is Cozera’s privacy policy?

A: Cozera’s privacy policy can be found here. Cozera takes privacy seriously and collects only the minimal amount of data needed about end users. End users control sharing their data with enterprises. Cozera does not share end user data with any other organization.


Q: Has Cozera achieved SOC2 certification?

A: Cozera is in the process of undertaking a SOC2 audit and plans to complete in July 2022.