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Cozera protects businesses and their consumers from Account Take Over fraud with a secure solution that simplifies customer and employee user experience.


What we do

We authenticate identities, not passwords or shareable secrets. We deliver an Identity Authentication platform as a service. Created with both developer and non-developers in mind, Cozera’s id-go service is a simple, secure, cost effective, no-code / low code solution that utilizes the FIDO     (Fast Identity Online) standard authentication protocols. With no or minimal integration work to use the service, businesses can rapidly deploy and offer the service.

Our Team

Cozera’s team is comprised of seasoned executives with domain expertise in cyber security, identity management, fraud prevention, cryptography, payment processing and cloud security. The team has decades of experience in commercializing highly scalable solutions for companies in financial, security and payments industries. Cozera has completed SOC 2 Type 2 cerification that validates Cozera as a trusted identity authentication service provider for highly regulated industries.

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