The only digital identity you'll ever need.


The fast and easy way to navigate today's identity verification process.



How id-go works.

Where you can use it.

Why you'll love it.

The most comprehensive digital identity solution on the market.




One-time easy enrollment. Verified once and done.

Once enrolled, the id-go credential continues to provide a verified identity for the user and the companies they interact with. id-go is an accumulated collection of verifications that is always current and valid. 




Users are in control of personally identifiable information.

id-go provides an embedded environment of advanced security layers: biometrics, device binding, cryptographic handshakes and more to ensure privacy.




Designed to go wherever you go.

Whenever and however you interact with companies–in person, via call centers, video kiosks and online. Use it again and again whether with financial, healthcare, telecom companies–wherever identity is critical.


The next step in enhancing the digital experience for companies and their customers.


A satisfying customer experience


Enhanced Security–protect against fraud


Cost-effective–speeds interaction, saves money





Across vertical markets


Banking/Credit Unions










Across channels

In person


Call center







A comprehensive verification engine.


Cozera eliminates the heavy lift of putting together a complete identity verification, authentication and fraud prevention solution.

Available as no-code and low code mobile app, web apps and APIs for easy integration.

Leverages AI/Machine Learning biometrics, cryptography and encryption.


About id-go


Cozera provides a service for companies that produces a unique digital identity credential–id-go.

We have assembled a team of security, network, data privacy, cryptography and technology experts who have created unique intellectual property as well as all of the necessary technology components to create a trusted digital identity verification, authentication and authorization service.

We work closely with our partners to be their innovation leaders providing necessary technology process, service and support.

Abrar Ahmed


Digital identity expert, CISSP former CIO at SureID


Eric Hopper

VP Engineering

Former CTO, Vesta


Debbie Reynolds

VP Program Mgmt.

Former SureID, Nike, Symantec


Matt Wangler

VP Operations

Former Intel, WIMAX Forum, tech startup founder


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long does it take to integrate the service until we can start producing id-go credentials for our consumers?

A. Our low-code/no-code approach enables most of our customers to integrate our solution into their environments in a matter of days...More



id-go has been a collaborative effort with a number of partners representing financial institutions (credit unions) and an online fraud prevention company. 

We value partnerships–both from a customer perspective as well as technology partners. Our approach places a high value on integration and speed to market. We'll seek out partners to help us realize the vision of creating the only digital identity you will ever need.

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